Treating Chronic Fatigue is a complicated matter

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3rd April 2019
Chronic fatigue: Overactive immune system ‘may trigger ME-like symptoms’
3rd April 2019

In an article in The Times,experienced medical correspondent and presenter of Radio 4’s flagship medical series Inside Health, Dr Mark Porter discusses the problems in diagnosing and treating people with ME/CFS.

In the article he acknowledges the limitations of current research, treatments and awareness amongst the profession but includes a series of recommendations for people with the condition –

What to do if you have myalgic encephalomyelitis

● Try to avoid the boom-bust cycle where you do a lot on days when you feel good and nothing on days when you feel awful. It is thought to prolong chronic fatigue.

● It can help to pace your activities across the week. Split the difference between what you can do on a good day and a bad day, and do that every day.

● Remember that activity is physical and mental, so include things such as working on the computer, homework, housework, commuting etc.

● Regular rest is important. Try to have five minutes’ rest every hour throughout the day. Don’t doze, just lie down and chill out (reading or watching your favourite TV programme do not count as proper rest).

● While it may be tempting to lie in if you feel tired, too much sleep can prolong chronic fatigue.

You can read the full article at the here

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