Chronic fatigue: Overactive immune system ‘may trigger ME-like symptoms’

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3rd April 2019
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11th June 2019

Green Stained Electron Microscope Bacteria

“An overactive immune system may help explain the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, scientists from King’s College London have suggested.”

Many people with ME/CFS have identified their condition beginning with an infection.

Scientists from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College recruited 55 patients who had hepatitis C. The standard treatment for hepatitis C is the drug interferon-alpha which challenges the immune system in the same way as a powerful infection.

18 of the patients who were given the drug had an overactive immune system and went on to develop CFS-like symptoms.

Dr Charles Shepherd, the ME Association’s medical adviser, said: “This research adds to the growing weight of scientific evidence which indicates that the body’s immune system is playing an important role in the causation of ME/CFS.”

For more information please follow this link to the Kings College website

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