A Cause for Good Hope

Salus Fatigue Foundation Makes Headway
11th June 2019

On 7th May which happened to coincide with ME Awareness Week Salus Fatigue Foundation was invited to have a stand in the Treatment Centre at Good Hope Hospital.

Jane Loewy reported back:

It was a very positive experience with a lot of interaction with medical staff, volunteers and members of the public. There was a lot of interest, a lot of shared experiences and really poignant questions asked and answered. Thank you to Chris for helping make this a positive experience.’

Salus Fatigue Foundation will be taking to the road again on Tuesday 11th June at Healthy Minds in Frankley to meet Dr Rowen Wigg and her team to look at the impact of CFS/ME/Fibro on physical and mental well-being and what Salus offers.

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