• "I was at breaking point before finding Salus and getting invaluable advice and support which helped me manage my condition more effectively and vastly improve my health."
  • "It's good to share and support others who understand the chronic fatigue. Gain up-to-date information and advice is always helpful. Excellent site."
  • "I’ve learnt so much. Come off lots of prescription drugs eat healthier and know more about pacing and supplements. As a result I have made great improvements over the past couple of years (although I still have poorer times sometimes). Thank you all. We are very lucky to have you to help us."
  • Cath
    "I don’t think I’m being too dramatic when I say Salus, all that it is, has saved my life! Supportive, educational, INSPIRATIONAL. I am proud of my recovery and forever grateful."
  • Janet
    "As a parent, the diagnosis was scary, and I was at a complete loss with how to deal with it, I just wanted my daughter to live the life of a normal 18 year old and continue with her plans for the future. Salus has been a tremendous support for both of us. My contact with them gave me the confidence to help and support my daughter and now when she is ill or has a relapse, I do not panic, I know she will recover and what I can do to help."
  • Sally
    "Salus has been my lifeline and a life changing experience".
  • Julie
    "I just wanted to say that coming to the groups is having a big impact on my life and I can’t thank all of you enough. The people that come to the workshops and those who run them are so nice to me – you are all fabulous!"
  • Helen
    "I had been unable to find a clear way forward and by 2011 my condition had deteriorated to the point where I was unable to walk for more than a few hundred yards, and I was only up for 4 to 5 hours a day. I was so ill and had nowhere to turn I just wanted to end my life. Using the positivity, support, advice, friendship and education offered by Salus I saw an immediate and sustained improvement in my condition. They gave me my life back"
  • Suzanne
    "I’ve been to so many other places where nobody understood or heard me. I thought I was going mad. Since being a part of Salus I can’t thank you enough. You’ve made me feel so welcome and finally I know that I am with people who truly understand me. I’ve learned more from attending just a few sessions here than I have for all these years of living with this very misunderstood debilitating condition."
  • Paulette
    "Thank you for all your support over the last few years. I have finally officially qualified as a life coach and my husband is working at last. We have this success in our family because of your help on my journey to better health. Our family are thankful for your kindness and it’s time for big celebrations!"
  • Shirley
    "I would not be where I am today in my recovery journey without the love, understanding and support you all give".
  • Janet
    "I found the classes on nutrition, the immune system, pacing, stress and sleep well structured and very informative particularly as everyone was encouraged to talk about their experiences, symptoms and to ask questions. Salus has definitely given me the knowledge and confidence to stay calm and actively support my daughter."

Welcome to Salus

We provide support and education to people affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and other fatigue related conditions. We offer support to those affected by cancer, undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments, sepsis, meningitis or any condition you have been left wth fatigue. Salus can help you to oversome your fatigue related symptons and take stelps to improve your condition. At Salus we are passionate about changing lives and supporting people to make a positive bringing people together and making a positive impact through our five step programme.

We are here to help you.

Salus Fatigue Foundation is a charity, not for profit organisation, that provides support, advice, education and helps in the long term to inspire people living with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia to improve their health and wellbeing.

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CFS / ME / Fibromyalgia
& Other Fatigue Related Conditions

Salus Fatigue Foundation is a registered charity providing a unique lifeline for people and their families and friends affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME)/Fibromyalgia and fatigue related conditions.

Funded by our own fundraising activities and grants from The Big Lottery Fund and Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, Salus aims to promote and protect the good health of people who live with chronic fatigue and fatigue related conditions, through advice, support and health and wellbeing educational workshops.